December 23, 2015

Teaching Videos

Student Participation

ELC Academic A, Winter 2015

In this video clip, I stopped our class reading of a passage on abnormal psychology to ask a comprehension question. This comprehension question targeted the skill of finding the main idea and I called on a student who did not participate frequently in class. I prompt her in this clip to give a complete sentence response and explain what she means. After her response, I opened the question to the rest of the class and another student offered his insight using a direct reference to the text. I believe that getting more students involved during class is essential, especially in a receptive skill focused class. I also aim to have a balance between calling on specific students and asking for volunteers.

Wait Time

ELC Academic Prep, Winter 2014

In this clip I feel I allowed for adequate wait time so that all students could prepare an answer and that I made sure to call on a student who had not participated in the class. This was a summary activity of the reading to help them apply what they had learned to their own situation. However, this video is from the first few weeks of my practicum experience, so there are clearly improvements that could be made to my teaching.


BYU Community OutReach English, Winter 2014

I believe that modeling is important for language learners. In this example, Rui (co-teacher) and I model an interviewing practice for the students. Instructions are provided and an example is given in which I stress the usage of past tense and vocabulary that they had been working on earlier in the class.