December 23, 2015

Student Evaluations

ELC Teacher Evaluations from Former Students

“Well, it is hard to teach a reading class when the students do not really like to read. However, Ms. Jackson found a way to keep us motivated. So, I congratulate her because she did a great job.”
“I love her method to practice for reading. She always make us interested in each activities. She choose interesting article and sources. And, always she introduce about class book, it helps us understand well. And we are attracted the introduce. We loved every class book.”
“She always has a plan for the class and organize the time so we can do all the planned activities. She plans the lessons according to the student necessities.”
“Great communication skills with students. Awesome humor, she makes lesson exciting and I think those who didn’t like reading love it now because of the way Ms Jackson taught.”
“Ms. Jackson is a good teacher she is organized and flexible at the same time she keeps order in the class and keeps the homework assignments in the right way. It is easy to understand and she motivates us to improve our reading skills.”
“She always prepares her lessons, is in class in time, grades our homework in a short period of time and gives us feedback about that.”
“Ms. Jackson is so active and made all of us to participate. She is so patient, she could explain many times if someone don’t understand. She made us work as fast as we could so we learn faster.”
“I like that she always was prepared for the class. She did fun activities like games and that way we can learn faster. She always was smiling and I like that she bring photos and active activities. She is creative!”
“I love her teaching style. For example, she did review everyday about learning last time. She gave us good examples and activities about reading strategy.”
“She made a good use of technology resources (laptop, projector, blackboard etc)”