January 7, 2016

Lesson Plans & Syllabi

Lesson Plans 

Below are downloadable files (pdf) of a week of lesson plans for three of the courses I have taught at the English Language Center. Additional materials are included as needed.

FA Reading Lesson Plans

The pdf above includes lesson plans from a week of Foundations A Reading during the second semester I taught the class. The textbook used in this class uses well-known fables to practice vocabulary and reading strategies. The lesson plans use these fables as the foundation for the course of the week. The Week 4 Quiz is also included here.

FC Reading Lesson Plans

This pdf includes lesson plans for a week and a half of classes. During these lessons, the students were reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowry at home and we would discuss it in class. I have included an additional pdf of the Number the Stars Workbook that is referenced in the lesson plan. Because the handout used for the TED Talk was obtained from another teacher, it is not included in this portfolio.

AA Reading Lesson Plans

The lesson plans included in this pdf demonstrate a variety of language learning experiences. Included are ELC co-curricular mini-lessons on self-regulation, computer lab assignments, and different reading skill practices.



Below are downloadable files (pdf) of syllabi for three of the courses I have taught at the English Language Center.

FA Reading Syllabus

This syllabus is from my second semester teaching this course and the calendar reflects the lessons I learned from teaching the semester before.

FC Reading Syllabus

This syllabus is also from my second semester of teaching this course. This syllabus includes the updated course objectives from the ELC.

AA Reading Syllabus

This pdf is an example of a syllabus I used for Academic A Reading. The syllabus includes the calendar I used for the semester and notes explaining different activities I found successful during the semester.